Chowbot : Audience Facing AI

Namitha Sudhakar

The San Francisco Chronicle is a major daily newspaper based in San Francisco, California. Established in 1865, it is one of the oldest continuously published newspapers. The Chronicle is known for its deep coverage of the Bay Area and has a significant digital presence.

Chowbot analyzes nearly 1,000 reviews from more than 50 restaurant guides created by the Chronicle’s Food & Wine team. It offers suggestions tailored to specific food preferences and locations within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Users can enter a type of food and a location to receive recommendations. For example, asking for "pizza places in San Francisco" will yield relevant restaurant suggestions.

Nieman lab's report says that "Chowbot derives its credibility from the Chronicle's rigorously maintained guides and reviews.

Despite being powered by AI, each restaurant recommendation provided by the bot has been verified and assessed by a member of the Chronicle's staff."

Media has traveled beyond imagination to cater to their audience regarding content and food suggestions. The basic is to implement an AI-powered newsroom infrastructure. If you haven't started yet, check what newsrooms globally are doing.