Quintype is not a CMS

Quintype is not a CMS
Quintype - Much more than a CMS

To start with, when people think digital publishing platforms, people directly jump to thinking about CMS. While a CMS is a large part of publishing things, it’s hardly the only piece of the puzzle.

A non-trivial digital media operation needs a ton of things to work well, such as editorial story assignments, day planners and calendars, an actual editorial workflow, preview across devices (mobiles, tablets, desktop web), content archival management, an actual search function, a focused set of collaboration tools for teams, integrated analytics and reports, convenient ways to inject content from around the internet (wire services, other content websites, and so on), automatic content recommendations, social media optimization, etc. etc.

There are tools that claim to do all these things, and a lot of teams use various ones. The problem is, none of these work particularly well with each other, and it is left up to humans to navigate the gaps, while making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Quintype, then, is not a CMS.

It’s kind of a philosophy as a service… it takes an approach to the whole, end-to-end operations of a digital media company, and delivers a rather opinionated, cloud-based solution that is modern, intuitive, and functional, while being minimal and unobtrusive.

It eliminates the need for using external project management services such as Google Docs, Basecamp, and Excel. It eliminates external chat services such as Hipchat, Slack, Telegram, and Google Chat. And not to mention, it eliminates Microsoft Word (the horror!) as an editor, and replaces it with the most beautiful content creation experience you’ve ever seen.

Artificial Intelligence, FTW!

It also includes an AI assistant, that understands what you might be working on, and automatically helps you create better content. It allows inline commenting and suggestions, to take team collaboration and productivity to the next level. It includes sophisticated predictive to help you optimize social virality, SEO, etc.

Quintype actually does a lot more things, by focusing less on features, and by instead focusing on goals.

Quintype, then, is the most powerful (and beautiful!) approach to managing the end-to-end operations of a digital publishing organization. And it needs no IT resources, is delivered entirely from the cloud, and we guarantee uptime, scalability, and reliability. What’s not to like? :-)

P. S. - We’re working with a couple of early adopter customers, and we’ll share updates as we go along…

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